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• Geo Advantage: With our expertise & experience, NITIN INTERNATIONAL is perfectly placed geographically, making us the premier recruitment agency to partner with.

• Overseas Partnerships: We are well-equipped to partner with recruitment agencies overseas and have been commended for successfully completing such alliances.

• Manpower Driven: Local recruitment agents from abroad and workforce supply companies have often tied up with us for their manpower needs from India.

• Talent Base: NITIN INTERNATIONAL will take care of your need for personnel from India, to make you and your people well-equipped to handle the local talent requirement.

• Customised service: We have been known for our partnership success stories. You can trust us to provide you perfectly customized and complete recruitment solutions.

• Better productivity: Partnering with NITIN INTERNATIONAL will give your firm to access to a resource of skilled manpower which will enhance productivity.

• No Strings Attached: We are willing to enter into a strategic alliance with your company, to recruit suitable personnel, regardless of the employment duration.

• Duration: We will work around your form of contract or employment duration – for temporary or project-based staffing, temp-to-hire (probationary staffing) and permanent employees.

• Address Your Needs: We understand that not all industries have definite employment durations. We’re prepared for quick response and timely recruitment while maintaining high standards.

• Staffing Solutions: Our expertise and experience give us an edge over other recruitment agencies, making us multifaceted and versatile to devise staffing solutions customized as per your needs.

• Alliances To Suit All: Irrespective of how it is literally termed – association, alliance, partnership or contract – we are open to adjusting our conventional tie-up patterns and welcome every form of business collaborations.

• For Your Benefit: Recruitment agencies worldwide are invited to contact us at so we can tell you better how partnering with us could benefit you.